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What is Geekspiration?

The definition of geek has changed over the years from someone who was socially inept to something more respected and revered. The definition I prefer is someone who is a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast. We all have our geek topic, be it football, technology, reading, or any one of an infinite number of topics. “spir” is derived from inspiration. Finally, “ation” is derived from innovation, motivation, and many more “ation”s. Put those together and you get the focus of this blog. Taking a passion and finding ways to take it farther, faster, making it better.

What is Geekspiration about?

Geekspiration is my own revelations on a variety of topics which I find fascinating and how these can be used to make life better. Making life better is what it’s all about, anything from saving time to making your business more profitable. I also want this blog to be an open exchange of ideas. If someone finds something wrong with my logic, I hope they will add comments and we can work towards an even better solution. There is no end to making things better, so it’s all about the journey and pushing the envelope further. As all things have some room for improvement, so does this site. I fully expect this site to evolve into something more than I can imagine today.

 Why Geekspiration?

I think this quote puts it just right:

 “When you find an idea that you just can’t stop thinking about, that’s probably a good one to pursue.” – Josh James

Just before I planned to go back to get my Masters’ Degree, I went to the PTC/User conference for the engineering software tools I help manage at work. The big theme was innovation. Soon it was everywhere. From Ted Talks to Lean six sigma, everyone was on the innovation band wagon, and I wanted in. Innovation is far from new, but gone are the days of doing the same thing the same way for your entire life or career.  Only as recent as 1967 did newspapers start using digital print processes. Today reporters can write and post articles from around the world from the mobile phone in their pocket. The only thing constant is change, and if we don’t change we don’t improve, and if we don’t improve then someone else will.

Who’s involved?

The main author of this site is Steven LaPha Jr. (That’s me). I am a full time Engineer working for America’s Space Program, A part time martial arts instructor, and an artist who dabbles in drawing, paint and photography. I have a Bachelors’ degree in both Computer and Electrical Engineering, a Masters’ Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering with an engineering management track.

I don’t want this site to be just a single output of ideas. I openly welcome feedback. If I post something that you feel is wrong, tell me about it. Just be prepared to back it up with data or solid reasoning. If you want to add to the information/ideas feel free to comment on it.  If you want to write a guest post let me know. I’d love to share geekspiration ideas from others.



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