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Happy Back to the Future Day

“Two thousand fifteen? You mean we’re in the future?” Today is the day Doc Brown and Marty McFly entered “The Future” in Back to the Future Part II. If you haven’t watched this movie, what are you doing on this site? No, really, log into Netflix, Amazon, drive...
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Hello Pluto

Tomorrow, July 13th we get our first good look at Pluto. The internet is buzzing with excitement of what we will see. It has taken New Horizons almost nine and a half years and 3 billion miles from launch to reach Pluto. It’s a long journey but it’s almost...
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Geeks Unite!

Gone are the days when comic book conventions were just for kids or creepy adults who live in their parents basements. Today comic book conventions bring in geeks and non-geeks of all ages and types. It’s not just comic books, but anime, manga, D & D, TV and...
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