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Geeks Unite!

Gone are the days when comic book conventions were just for kids or creepy adults who live in their parents basements. Today comic book conventions bring in geeks and non-geeks of all ages and types. It’s not just comic books, but anime, manga, D & D, TV and...
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Gaming in the office

The last thing you would want your boss to catch you doing is playing on a video game console while at work, or while on the clock working from home. That is, unless of course you work in the gaming industry. What if you could use your gaming...
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Happy Geek Pride Day!

First let me wish you all a Happy Geek Pride Day and welcome to Geekspiration. What is Geekspiration? The definition of geek has changed over the years from someone who was socially inept to something more respected and revered. The definition I prefer is someone who is a...
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