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Innovation Rule #2: Old Ideas with New Materials

The easiest way to start being innovative with a product is to take what you have and change the material you’re using. Throughout history we see this with the advances of metalworking.  The use of metal started out with mined ores and over time developed into rough alloys into today where alloys are carefully calculated for exacting material qualities. Along with this change we’ve migrated to different abilities to machine materials making them easier and cheaper to use.

I give you one example I found of this innovation tip. Here we have a canoe made with clear plexiglass. The rest of the canoe is made with a traditional wood framework.

Clear Glide Canoes  http://clearglidecanoes.com/

Clear Glide Canoes

Clear bottom boats aren’t anything new. Just ask Silver Springs. What I really like about this design is they keep with the beautiful craftsmanship of the wood framework and accentuate it with the ability to see through the bottom. Something old, something new, can I borrow your canoe?

Keeping with our boat theme I give you another good example of the world’s first 3D printed kayak.

While 3D printing an entire kayak with the size of machine they used may seem a bit extreme, the fact is it can be done. Imagine a future where you walk into your custom sporting goods store and order a custom designed kayak or canoe. With a printing machine big enough anything is possible.

There have been developments on making 3D printed houses, food, and so much more, but I’ll save all that for another post.

In conclusion, don’t fall into the trap of “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” We advance as a people by trying new things in different ways but not forgetting about what worked in the past. Maybe you will succeed, maybe it will be a learning experience, but at least you’ll be innovative.


Innovation Rule #2: Old Ideas with New Materials

Innovation = Traditional Ideas + Non-Traditional Materials


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